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Ragnarough is here and Valhalla's open for visitors!

Gather your friends and face against each other in this fast paced local multiplayer brawl in which the truest Viking will remain. Power yourself up and throw items at your opponents to knock them out and send them to Valhalla. It's time to roughhouse with fists and fury. For the glory!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Controller and keyboard support
  • Various throwables: barrels, bottles and stools
  • Golden pint power-ups: Health, Speed, Power, Shield Up
  • Graphics: Very Nice
  • Fun: Yes
"I had drunk many an ale before but this golden one... it was something else."
- Viking Champion of Ragnarough



  • Moving = Left Stick
  • Pick Up/Throw Item = A
  • Jump = X
  • Jab = B


  • Moving = WASD
  • Pick Up/Throw Item = F
  • Jump = Space
  • Jab = Q
  • Start = ESC

TAMK Games Academy project in spring 2020 by team SandSquare. 


Ragnarough 1.0.zip 97 MB

Install instructions

  • Download and extract the file Ragnarough 1.0.zip
  • Within the extracted folder run the game Ragnarough.exe

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